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YMCA and GEN7 are awesome!

I’m thrilled to be riding in support of the Y and GEN7. They share my inclusive philosophy and have amazing programs that build strong communities. It’s so important that we provide our youth with opportunities to lead healthy active lives.

Bike & Ski programs for Fort McPherson

Collaboration is key

We’re starting with bikes though the generous support of Sport Central in Edmonton and working with the dedicated staff at Chief Julius School. 

Next is a cross country ski program. This is amazing teamwork involving the School, 4x Olympian Sharon Firth, coaching via Paul Hanthorn, equipment thru Sport Central and vetted by Mike Neary of Ski Fit North Alberta. 

Thinking this is a model we could take across the north!

Six Nations Lacrosse 

Friday night I watched some high level Six Nations lacrosse and was entertained by the Paperweight kids (5 & 6 yr olds) during the 1st intermission. Success factors: great facilities, community support, celebration of culture. 


Country Riding

Love riding in the country, the fresh air, the scenery. Sunday was warm and I got in 7 hrs on the bike. So nice to put away the winter clothes and apply sunscreen!

Here’s a pic of an old barn north of Orangeville.