Don Adams (CEO Motivate Canada): The GEN7 program provides support and training for Indigenous youth to develop leadership skills needed to make a difference in their community. Don’s passion for and dedication to improving the lives of Indigenous youth across Canada is inspiring and creates a sense of hope that one day, all peoples of our Nation will work together for the health and wellbeing of all communities. I am confident that Don’s ride will be a catalyst for the emergence of great future Indigenous leaders and athletes.

Jess Bolduc (Executive Director of the 4Rs Youth Movement): As we move forward in shaping a new relationship between the many Indigenous and non-Indigenous nations on Turtle Island, being a good ally is an important value to uphold. Through initiatives such as the Spirit Ride, we can learn different ways to connect with each other, as individuals and community members, and together create healthier communities full of relevant opportunities for Indigenous youth.

Jeffrey Cyr (Executive Director, National Association of Friendship Centres) Aboriginal people are the fastest growing segment of Canadian society. Don’s philosophy of collaboration, equal access and respect for culture are all key factors as we move towards the full inclusion of Aboriginal people in Canada’s economy.

Sharon Firth (4 time Olympian cross country skiing; sports advocate for Aboriginal youth): It’s so important to invest in our children at an early age and give EVERY child the opportunity to be involved in sports.

Scott Haldane (President and CEO, YMCA Canada): Over the past five years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several National Aboriginal Organizations on important issues related to education, reconciliation and youth engagement. Don’s ride is a very important endeavour as we search for ways to improve the lives of our Indigenous youth.

Moffat Makuto (Executive Director of Multicultural Association of Northern Ontario): Don’s ride complements our work to improve the quality of life among Aboriginal children through physical activity, a holistic lifestyle and connecting with their culture. MANWO will liaise with our affiliates to raise awareness about the Ride and its purpose. MANWO letter

Beckie Scott (Olympic Gold medalist, engages Aboriginal youth in sports via Ski Fit North Alberta program): It’s fantastic to see Don promoting and endorsing the importance of physical activity for Canada’s Aboriginal youth. What we need now are champions in every community and every school taking up the challenge, promoting and creating opportunities for youth to engage in sport and activity. It may well be the most important thing they do. Read more

Alex Stieda (Cyclist, 1st North American to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France): Don Patterson is riding his bicycle across Canada for an amazing cause … and leaving a cycling legacy in his wake.