GEN7, a program of Motivate Canada, encourages Aboriginal youth to live an active and healthy lifestyle through sport and physical activity. GEN7 also helps Aboriginal youth to become leaders in their community.

GEN7 Messengers are Aboriginal athletes and role models who are trained in public speaking and facilitation. When a GEN7 Messenger is ready, he or she is paired with an Aboriginal community to act as a role model and motivator for the youth of that community. GEN7 Messengers visit a community repeatedly, and during this process they listen and learn to identify areas of interest for community development and develop connections with the community’s youth, Elders, and other leaders.  Ultimately, the work of the GEN7 Messenger is to support the youth of the community as leaders interested in tackling community issues and improving the lives of those around them.

What does the Gen7 Logo Mean?

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